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Zero systems, s. r. o., machining technology, was founded as a family company in 2004 after many years of experience of production, sharpening and trading in tools for chip machining.


Thanks to the flexibility and our experience, we gained important customers, suppliers and reputable business partners over the years. This allowed us to reinvest in modern machines, measuring equipment and develop the entire company.


One of the mainstays of the company’s activities is its own production, sharpening of standard and especially production and finishing of special tools made of sintered carbides (TK), of fast-cutting steel (HSS) or diamonds (PKD). We work with leading world tool manufacturers and suppliers, and in 2011 we became the certified service partner of KOMET GROUP GmbH and provide a complete authorised service of the company’s tools under the KOMET SERVICE® brand for the Czech Republic.

Výrobní provozovna v Přešticích

In 2007 we took over the service representation and sale support for the CzechRepublicof the German manufacturer of CNC machines for machining aluminium, plastics and wood of MAKA Systems GmbH.


In 2011 we took over the representation and service of machines of the German manufacturer of machines for cutting and deburring materials RSA cutting systems GmbH.

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